Load Balancer with Dynamic groupsΒΆ

The load balancing service provides an automated distribution of your application traffic across multiple backend servers. Use Load balancing for the following benefits:

  • Prevent a single server from getting overworked
  • Support scaling
  • Perform periodic health check on backend servers and route traffic only to the healthy nodes

Load balancing with Scale group

The Application scaling feature lets you define scale groups to dynamically add or remove compute nodes based upon resource (or node) utilization metrics. You can employ the scale groups with a load balancer to enable a dynamic setup of backend servers.

Before you begin

  • Define a scale group and ensure that the group is in Running state

Setting up Load Balancer with Dynamic Scaling Groups

  1. Go to My Account and Services > Manage Load Balancer
  2. Select Load Balancer
  3. Select an existing load balancer or Click on plus (+) Icon to create a new one.
  4. Enter Biling Plan, Name and SSL Information as desired
  5. Under Node Details, Select Dynamic Scale groups in List type
  6. Select an active (Running) Scale Group from dropdown.
  7. Enter a target port. This is the port which servers your application on the backend servers or nodes.
  8. Add health check as necesary
  9. Click Deploy
  10. Wait for the provisioning on the appliance dashbaord.
  11. When the load balancer is in Running state, review the scale group nodes in Manage section.