What is a Load Balancer Appliance?

A load balancer is a fully-managed service from E2E Networks which can be used to distribute incoming application traffic across multiple E2E cloud servers increasing the fault tolerance of your applications. Load balancer have ability to detect and route traffic only to responsive servers.

How can I create a Load Balancer Appliance?

Login to your myaccount console and go to Appliances option under the Services section to create one. Refer to our how-to article for detailed instructions. If you haven’t signed up or activated your myaccount refer our sign-up article.

What protocols are supported by Load Balancer Appliance?

Currently, the Load Balancer supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols. TCP protocol support will be added in the future.

Which backend operating systems do a Load Balancer support? Any backend server with operating systems currently supported by the E2E Networks Myaccount Cloud Platform can be added behind the Load Balancer Appliance.

Do Load Balancer support SSL termination?

Yes. You will get a section to define your SSL certificate details on selecting HTTPS protocol.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Load Balancer plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Load Balancer plan by sending a request to cloud-platform@e2enetworks.com with the details of the new plan required and our support team will assist you with the process.

Does Load Balancer SupportsHTTP/2?

Currently, the HTTP/2 support part is in the testing phase and expected to be available in our next release.

Is there any limit on the number of backend Servers?

No, there is no limit on the number of backend servers and you can add as many backend servers as you like behind your Load Balancer Appliance.

Is IPv6 supported on Load Balancer Appliance?

No, currently IPv6 is not supported on Load Balancer Appliance. However, it’s already in our roadmap and will be available in a future release.