Notebooks are billed according to the cost of the machine it is launched on. There are a wide variety of CPU & GPU Machine Plans available on our platform to launch notebooks & each of these plans has a price associated with it on which the customer is billed. The billing for these machines is done on hourly basis.


To launch any notebook on a paid machine, one must have enough credits to run that notebook for about 24 hours.

We also provide a certain number of free machine plans to launch notebooks. Kindly refer to the Free-Tier Notebooks Section for more details.

As soon as the notebook is launched or started, the billing starts. Billing of a particular notebook stops, when the notebook is stopped or terminated. Notebooks are not billed when it is in stopped state.


Free-Tier Notebooks

Free-Tier Notebooks are the notebooks running on the free machines plans available on the platform.

Each Primary Account gets a fixed number of free hours every month. The free hours available in a month are different for CPU & GPU Machines. Currently, every account gets 2 hours of monthly free usage for GPU Machines. For CPU Machines, there ain’t any time limit.

As long as free usage hours are available in the account, any customer (Primary or Secondary) can launch these Free-Tier Notebooks.

Notebook limit At any point of time, only 1 Free-Tier Notebook each for CPU & GPU type machines is allowed per account, i.e., across projects & teams of primary & secondary customers.

If your monthly free hours are consumed, or notebook-limit condition is not met, free-tier notebooks cannot be launched. Nevertheless, you will always be able to launch notebooks on paid machines, without any restrictions.

When the monthly free usage limit has been reached, free tier notebooks are either auto-shutdown or converted to paid instances depending on the termination policy chosen by the user at the time of launching the notebook. If the Convert to Paid Version option is chosen, billing of notebooks will be started as soon as the free hours have been consumed.


Notebook Disks (PVC)

Every Notebook comes with a default 30 GB of disk space. This disk space can be upgraded to a maximum of 100 GB as per the user choice.

Users are not charged anything for the default 30 GB of disk space. But every additional GB of space beyond the default 30 GB will be charged on a per GB per month basis.



Creation of any dataset leads to the creation of a bucket in the customer’s Object Store on MyAccount.

Datasets are not charged anything explicitly, but all the corresponding buckets in MyAccount will be charged as per the pricing of Object Storage.

Model Playground

The cost of LAMA-2 and Code Llama models is based on the number of tokens you input and the number of tokens in the output. and for Stable Diffusion the cost is based on number of inference steps.