How to launch GPU Notebooks

Create Project

For creating GPU Notebooks Go to my account and click on GPU notebooks in the top left corner of the page


After clicking on GPU notebooks the page will be redirected to the GPU page with by default created project. You can create new project as well


You can create a new project by clicking on Create Project which is at the top left corner of the page

../_images/gpu3.png ../_images/gpu4.png

After creating a new project it will be shown on the left side with the default project like this


Create Notebook

To create a Notebook you have to click on Create Notebook which is at the top right corner of the page.


After clicking on Create Notebook button a page will be appear, now enter Notebook name, choose the Notebook Image and select the machine on which you want to run your service, and then choose the plan, After that click on Create button.

../_images/gpu7.png ../_images/gpu8.png

After clicking on create button your GPU will be create and it will be shown like this.



For creating Dataset you have to click on Dataset Tab after clicking on It will be swtich on Dataset tab.


After that you have to click on Create Dataset button. After clicking Create Dataset button the Dataset creation form will be open and you have to select bucket type either you want create new bucket or select existing bucket. Here we are giving the example with the new EOS bucket. So enter the datase details and click on Create button.

../_images/gpu11.png ../_images/gpu12.png

Create Dataset with existing bucket. For that you have to simply select Existing EOS bucket from dropdown and enter all details and click on Create button.

../_images/brandnewgpu12_1.png ../_images/brandnewgpu12_2.png AI_ML/images/brandnewgpu12_3.png

After clicking on Create button a pop up will be appear in which the Dataset Credentials will be show. And you have to click on Ok button to continue.

../_images/gpu13.png ../_images/gpu15.png

After creating the dataset it will be shown like this.



To create Models click on ‘Create Models’ button.


To create models you have to select Model type like Pytorch or Triton and Bucket Type New EOS Bucket or Existing EOS Bucket then click on ‘Create’.


After clicking on Create a pop up will appear on the screen showing the Model credentials.


After clicking on the ‘OK’ then Model is shown in the list, we can see the overview of the model and setup in the Model.

../_images/gpu20.png ../_images/gpu21.png

If the user selects the Existing EOS Bucket then clicks on the create button then a Model with Existing EOS Bucket will be created.

../_images/gpu22.png ../_images/gpu23.png

Model Endpoints

To create Model Endpoints you can click on ‘Create Endpoint’ button.


After filling all the parameters in the form then click on the ‘Deploy’


After clicking on Deploy Model Endpoint shown in the list


API Tokens

To create API Tokens click on ‘Create API Token’ button


After clicking on create API Token then you have to select the name of the API Token then click on the right button.


After that you will see the API token in the list


Project Activity

To see the all the activities of the project click on the ‘Project Activity’


Project Usage

“Project usage” refers to the utilization or consumption of resources, services, or tools within the context of a specific project. It typically involves tracking and analyzing the extent to which various components, assets, or functionalities are employed during the course of a project’s execution.



In settings user can change the project name and descriction of the project.


How to Manage GPU Notebooks using Actions

After clicking on the 3 dots Notebook actions will be shown.


Now click on Launch Notebook to launch a notebook.


Click on Stop button to stop your notebook.

../_images/gpu36.png ../_images/gpu37.png ../_images/gpu38.png

Click on Update Notebook to update your notebook to update your Notebook, Notebook must in Stop state.

../_images/gpu39.png ../_images/gpu40.png

Click on Delete button to delete your notebook.

../_images/gpu41.png ../_images/gpu42.png


If you want a team should be access of project and the multiple member should be able to work on the peoject, Then you have to create a team using Private Workspace. For that you can manage your teams click on any of these options.

To manage your teams click on any of these options.


After clicking on manage teams you will be redirected to the manage Teams section.


Click on Private Workspace to see the settings for the Team Management.


After clicking on Private user will be able to see the private workspace for your Team.


To create a Team click on create team.


After clicking on Create Team a page will appear, fill the details like Team Name and give any description if you want to give to your team. Then click on Create button to create your team.


Your created Team will look like this.


Now to see the details of your team click on the that team


How to add Team members in team?

For Adding team members you have to click on Team which you have created and after that you have to click on Members tab.


Under that tab you have to enter email address of that person which you wanted to add.


After entering the email address click on send invite button to send the invitation. Remember if you will try to add a member who has already been added to my account as a primary user you will get an error like this: “Following customers are Primary Users & cannot be invited to any team: ‘…………………………’.”

../_images/brandnewgpu30.png ../_images/brandnewgpu31.png

After sending the invitation it can be seen like this. Here user can also see the current status of the invitation.


Now an email will be sent to that user email where they found a registration link user has to click on that link and register or accept himself.

../_images/brandnewgpu32_0.png ../_images/brandnewgpu32_1.png ../_images/brandnewgpu32_2.png

After clicking on register button enter the OTP which you have received on your number.


After entering the OTP you will be redirected to GPU section. Here you will see a Notification on the top right corner of the page


After clicking on the bell icon a pop up will appear click on Accept to accept the invitation.


After the contact person accepts the invitation the status will be changed from pending to member.


To make a contact person admin click on the admin button as shown in the image.


To revoke the invitation sent click on 3 dots of the invitation and click on remove button.