How to Create Notebook ?

To create a Notebook you have to click on Create Notebook which is at the left corner of the page.


After clicking on the Create Notebook button a page will appear, now enter Notebook name, choose the Notebook Image and select the machine on which you want to run your service, and then choose the plan, After that click on Create button.


After entering all the details Disk Size, Datasets and ssh key you will click on the create button for creating a notebook.

../_images/notebookenablesshkey.png ../_images/gpu_notebook_update1.png

After clicking on the create button your GPU will be created and it will be shown like this.


Notebook Details


You can see the Notebook Details, Plan Details under Overview tab.


Disk Size

You can see the details disk size and also You can change the Disk size as per your requirements.


For updating the disk size you have to change the disk size and then click on update button.



You can see the Metrics graph in CPU Utilization , Memory Utilization & Interval.


You can see the one month activity as per your requirement in days & hours.


Associated Datasets

You can also see the Associated Datasets with two different datasets- Mounted & Unmounted. You can also Unmount.



You can see the SSH Key Details under ssh key tab.


Update SSH Key


Only one SSH key can be added to a notebook


When user want to change ssh key kindly first stop the notebook then change the ssh key


Add SSH Key After Notebook Creation


When user want to add ssh key after Notebook creation, kindly first stop notebook then add ssh key

../_images/afternotebook_cration1.png ../_images/sshkeynotebook2.png

Notebook Actions

You can see the actions like Launch Notebook, Stop, Update Notebook, Delete.


Launch Notebook

After clicking on Launch Notebook, Notebook will be launched and it should be visible like this.

../_images/Notebook12.png ../_images/Notebook13.png


For Stopping the Notebbok you have to click on Stop button and the Notebook will be stopped.


Update Notebook

You can update Notebook, For updating the Notebook You have to click on Update button.



Notebook must be in Stop state before updating the Notebook.

Delete Notebook

For Deleting the Notebook you have to click on Delete button.


Launch Notebook from Sidebar

You can launch the notebook from the left side of the Notebook name .