How to Manage Teams ?

If you want a team to have access to a project and the multiple members should be able to work on the project, Then you have to create a team using Private Workspace. For that you can manage your teams click on any of these options. To manage your teams click on any of these options.


After clicking on manage teams you will be redirected to the manage Teams section.


Click on Private Workspace to see the settings for the Team Management.


After clicking on Private user will be able to see the private workspace for your Team.


To create a Team click on create team.


After clicking on Create Team a page will appear, fill the details like Team Name and give any description if you want to give to your team. Then click on the Create button to create your team.


Your created Team will look like this.


Now to see the details of your team click on that team.


How to add Team members in a team?

For Adding team members you have to click on the Team which you have created and after that you have to click on Members tab.


Under that tab you have to enter the email address of that person which you wanted to add.


After entering the email address click on send invite button to send the invitation. Remember if you try to add a member who has already been added to my account as a primary user you will get an error like this: “Following customers are Primary Users & cannot be invited to any team: ‘…………………………’.”


User able to see Invite status as per availability - accepted, pending & All.

../_images/Team12.png ../_images/Team13.png

You can remove the team by clicking on Remove.