E2E Networks Documentation

Welcome to E2E Networks’ platform documentation. E2E Networks Limited is India’s leading NSE-listed, AI-first, hyperscale cloud provider.

Here, users will find detailed guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting tips covering a wide range of topics from CPU and GPU compute usage, to TIR AI Platform, Kubernetes services, Terraform, our ecosystem of cloud technologies, our APIs and SDK, storage solutions, and about our DBaaS platform.

You will also find help on our Billing and Payment system, security, and our processes for handling abuse.

You will also find tutorials that help you get started with building applications in the AI/ML domain.

Finally, you can also check out our release notes for latest features, fixes and updates released on Myaccount.

Getting Started

To get started, head to Myaccount, and follow the sign up process explained here. Note that the process is slightly different for Indian individiuals, Indian organizations, and International organizations.

Click here to get started.

Our AI-First Infrastructure

E2E Networks’ advanced cloud GPUs offer developers unprecedented access to high-performance computing resources, essential for tackling intensive tasks like machine learning, deep learning, and complex data analytics. Our GPUs, ranging from HGX 8xH100, A100 clusters, L4OS, T4 and others, are integrated into E2E’s cloud infrastructure, and provide a high-end platform to developers for AI inference and development.

Get started with our GPU nodes here.

TIR - AI Platform

TIR is a modern AI Development Platform designed to tackle the friction of training and serving large AI models.

TIR uses highly optimised GPU containers (NGC), pre-configured environments (pytorch, tensorflow, triton), automated API generation for model serving, shared notebook storage, and much more.

Learn more about TIR here.