Create Virtual Compute Node Image


A Virtual Compute Node image is an image template that provides the functionality to launch new nodes instances from your saved images. The image backups can be saved as a customized image with updated configurations.

Create an Image

To save an image of a Virtual Compute Node it must be powered down.Click on the Power Off button.

Once the respective Virtual Compute Node is powered Off click on the ‘Save Image’ button under the Actions section.


Enter the Name for your Image and click on Save Image button.


A popup message will appear indicating that your image is being saved.


Note: All the management operations will be disabled on this node while the image is being saved.

Manage your Image

To access the saved image click on ‘Saved Images’ on the dashboard.


Saved Image Actions

To rename your existing image click on the ‘Edit Name’ button.Assign a new name to the existing image and click on ‘Update Image’ button.

To remove an existing image click on the ‘Delete’ button.A confirmation message will appear, click on the ‘Delete Image‘ button to confirm the deletion.


Create a New Nodes from Saved Images

To create a new node from the saved images go to the saved images section.

Click on the Launch Node ‘+ ‘ button next to the same image from which you want to create a node.


Select a plan of your choice from a wide range of suitable options for various requirements and proceed with creating your Node.



You can only create a same or a higher configuration node from your image.


  • If you want to keep the server associated with an image then image and server both will be chargeable.

All saved images are billed only for the disk space used i.e. at Rs. 4 per GB per month.