Troubleshooting Steps

If you are facing any error while enabling CDP Backup from Myaccount Portal or If your CDP backup got failed for some reason, Please refer below guide for some of the Common Troubleshooting steps and Try enabling the backup again.

Step 1: Make sure CDP-agent service is running

CDP-agent by default is installed on all your nodes and the agent will be up and running while you launch a server. You need to make sure it’s running all the time so that data is being Backed up continuously without any issue.

You can check the status of CDP-agent and Verify it by running below command

service cdp-agent status

For some reasons if the service has been stopped, You can start the CDP-agent with below command

service cdp-agent start

Step 2: Restarting CDP-agent once

Some common errors of CDP-agent can be rectified easily by just restarting the agent once. You can try restarting the cdp-agent on your server once and try enabling the backup of your server

To restart a CDP-agent, Please use below command

service cdp-agent restart

You can check the status of CDP-agent and Verify it by running below command

service cdp-agent status

Step 3: CDP-agent port should be opened on your server

Once you have verified that CDP-agent is running fine, You need to make sure CDP-agent Port 1167 is opened on Your server. E2E Cloud Backup server should be able to connect to your server to back up the data and if the port 1167 is closed it will not be able to authenticate and connect to it.

If you are using Linux Server,You can refer this article to Open port on Iptables

If you are using Windows Server,Please refer this article Open port on Windows Firewall


Once you have opened up the port,Kindly verify it whether you are able to connect to the CDP-agent of your server using telnet command. Replace your server IP in below command and check

telnet xx.xx.xx.xx 1167
Trying xx.xx.xx.xx...
Connected to xx.xx.xx.xx
Escape character is '^]'.

If you are still facing any issue, please raise a ticket to our support team on who will help you resolve the issues.

One of the other common reasons we might get an issue is with CDP Backup is when the agent could not find a suitable hcpdriver module for your system. You must install this manually to overcome the issue.

Installing hcp driver Module Manually

Step 1: Check the kernel release info

Check the kernel release info of your server with below command

uname -r

Example output

#root@e2e-60-229:~# uname -r

Step 2: Download respective hcpdriver module

Download respective hcpdriver module from below path

You can download the respective module using the link with below command



Please make sure to replace the correct kernel release info in the above url

Step 3: Copying hcpdriver module in the r1soft directory.

Once Download is completed, Copy the module to r1soft Directory

cp hcpdriver-cki-x.xx.xx-xx-generic.ko /lib/modules/r1soft/