SignUp Process and Myaccount Dashboard Access

Myaccount is the entry point to E2E Networks’ E2E Cloud platform, which gives you access to the Myaccount dashboard where you can manage your cloud resources, team, billing and payments, and everything else. The registration and sign up process for a new Indian customer is different from an international one, so please follow the right guidelines below depending on your business geography.

SignUp Process for Indian Customers

The SignUp process for Indian organizations differ from that of Indian individuals. In case of Indian organizations, you would need to provide a GSTIN, billing address, organization’s PAN, and undergo a simple payment verification process. For Indian individuals, PAN and Aadhaar are required, along with billing address and payment details.

SignUp Process for International Customers

The SignUp process for International customers involves filling out billing address, VAT / TAX ID if available, payment card validation. Once this is complete, there’s a simple customer validation process. Follow the link below for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand why we need to ensure that customers go through a validation process, please read through the FAQs here for Indian customers, and the ones here for International customers.