Welcome to E2E Cloud EQS documentation

Welcome to the E2E Cloud EQS (E2E Queue Service) documentation! This section provides a thorough guide to understanding and utilizing the EQS, a highly scalable and secure queue messaging service offered by E2E Networks. Whether you’re a developer or a system administrator, this documentation is tailored to help you effectively implement and manage queue-based messaging systems.

Start with an Introduction to E2E EQS, which lays the foundational concepts of queue services and their significance in modern cloud computing. Learn about the basic operations such as Creating an EQS and the various Actions you can perform, including adding queues, managing credentials, and deleting queues. This section is crucial for getting started with EQS and understanding its core functionalities.

The documentation also covers detailed instructions and use-cases for EQS. Explore the Add Queue under tab section to understand how to organize and manage your queues effectively. For more advanced users, the Actions for queue service section provides deeper insights into queue management, including testing message sending, purging, and deleting queues.

Most importantly, the EQS documentation offers comprehensive guides on using various SDKs with EQS. Whether you’re working with Python, Golang, Node.js, Java, Ruby, or PHP, you’ll find tailored guides for establishing connections, managing queues, sending and receiving messages, and more. These resources are invaluable for developers looking to integrate EQS into their applications seamlessly.

Let’s get started.