Prepaid Billing

E2E Networks has introduced a new Prepaid Billing System.

The benefit of prepaid billing is that you can pay as you go, and you can be in complete control of your spending.

The prepaid billing system is available on the MyAccount portal, and is applicable to all new customers and for existing customers who wish to opt for prepaid billing.


Getting Started

To start using E2E products, after choosing prepaid billing, a customer should purchase Infra Credits. Applicable GST is levied at the time of purchase. You are free to top-up the amount at any time with any amount.

The billing on E2E MyAccount is calculated on an hourly basis. As soon as an hour finishes, the relevant amount is deducted from the Infra Credits available. However, any details regarding the deduction of Infra Credits are only updated once in a day.

Suspension and Termination of Services

Please keep your account adequately funded with Infra Credits. Otherwise, when you have overspent the Infra Credits, the balance goes to negative. You’ll receive email alerts as soon as your Infra Credit balance turns negative. For this reason, it is important to add to your contact list, so that you’ll get all the billing updates directly into your email inbox.

While your Infra Credit balance is negative, you’ll receive email alerts reminding you to top-up Infra Credits. You can’t launch any new services/servers when Infra Credits balance is negative.

If you do not pay the dues within 5 days, your account is automatically suspended. After another 5 days, all your resources will be deleted/terminated. Please note that once the termination is done, recovering any data is impossible.

However, if you pay the dues and top-up your account when the account was in a suspended state, all the services will resume automatically.


Infra Credits

There is no limit on how many Infra Credits one can purchase. However, these credits are non-refundable, non-transferable from one account to another.


As soon as you have purchased Infra Credits, an invoice is generated and sent to your registered email address.

You can also see your history of invoices through Signed Invoices option available under Payment Methods.

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Account Statement

An invoice only gives details about how many credits you have purchased.

Through the Account Statement feature, you can see how you have spent Infra Credits and which resources you have utilized.

The account statement is available on the Dashboard under Payment Methods.


Prepaid Billing FAQ

Can I opt for TDS (Tax Deduction at Source)?

Yes, you can opt for TDS. When you create an account, you’ll have an option to opt for TDS. You can either choose to deduct 2% or 10 % as TDS.

The Infra credit equivalent to the TDS amount will be on hold. After you submit the TDS certificate, our team will unhold the Infra Credits.


I have received a coupon, will that expire?

The Coupon Code will have an expiry date.

However, if you apply the coupon code to your account, the Infra Credits will be added to your account immediately.