Copyright complaint for the server. How to take steps to resolve the issue ?

A copyright complaint typically is received when any content is deemed to be violating a copyright of any brand or content etc. It can typically happen for the following reasons amongst others

  1. Any content that is copyrighted is available as a webpage on your site.
  2. A copyrighted material like a song, movie etc being downloaded on your server
  3. Copyrighted software/packages being downloaded on your server

How to troubleshoot and resolve it ?

  1. Review the complaint to see if its a legitimate complaint and remove offending material
  2. Check the access logs on webserver or ssh to review if any copyrighted material have been downloaded and remove it and take further measures to prevent it from happening again
  3. Review any software being used and ensure license is complied to by the vendor of that software

Please note that this document is provided for the benefit of our customers and the community at large. E2E Networks is not responsible for any inadvertent issues arising out of trying out any of the advise here or using by any of the tools

In case any of your server at E2E Networks is compromised, Please note that during the entire process, we request you to communicate and kindly take immediate action to fix the issue as the lack of response or resolution of the issue would be a contravention of IT Act 2000 and would lead to disabling of the public network.