How to view Event & Audit log reports of your Virtual Compute Nodes?

E2E Networks customers can access their activity and technical logs from their ‘MyAccount’ portal.

Activity Log

An activity log is a record of all the operations performed by you for product and services which is logged as an entry. Each new action performed by you creates a separate entry in the record which depending on the cause of the event.

Technical Log

The technical log is a report that documents the product and services accessed by you along with the date and time stamps related to the lifetime of a product and services. It contains the entire usage log of your different product and services.

Logging into E2E Networks ‘My Account’

, On the left-hand side of the MyAccount dashboard, click on the “Audit Log” sub-menu available under the “Settings” section.

  • You will be redirected to the ‘Audit Logs’ page. Here, you have to various values before downloading the audit logs report.

Select Product/Service

  • Select the product or service for which you want to download the logs report.


Select Logs Type

  • Select the type of log report that you want to download.


Select Period

  • Select the period duration for the log report that you want to download.


Download Logs

  • After selecting the required field value, you can click on the ‘Download’ button to view the logs. A log file will be downloaded in .csv format.