How to create an API access token?

E2E Networks API

An API token is necessary to interact with E2E Networks API. You can generate API tokens using the E2E MyAccount portal.

You can use the following steps to generate an API token:

Logging into E2E Networks ‘MyAccount’

Please go to ‘MyAccount’ and log in using your credentials set up at the time of creating and activating the E2E Networks ‘MyAccount’.


Create an API Token

You will be routed to the ‘Manage API’ page. Now, you have to Click on the ‘Create New Token’ button which is available on the top-right side of the API dashboard.


An ‘Add New Token’ pop-up box will appear, where you can give the desired name to your API token and choose capabilities permission according to your preference.


‘Read’ capability permission by default enabled for API token.


Then, Click on the Generate button and you will see a message saying, “Your token is successfully generated.” You can also simply copy and store it securely.


In the future, you can again check API token details and copy your API token, by click on ‘Token’ or you can delete it by on click ‘Delete’. To know more about and how to start using E2E Networks API.