Account Statement

The account statement is a summary of financial transactions and usages which have occurred over a given period on a MyAccount held by you.

This help article describes how to view/read various reports under the account statement section of MyAccount. You can refer to the E2E Networks’ pricing , for an overview of our products and service along with the prices.

Logging into E2E Networks MyAccount Portal

View/read various reports


Ledger statements may take up to 3 hours to reflect new transactions.Certain exceptional transactions such as payments done in our bank may take up to 2 working days to reflect here. Please check here the payment options available.

Ledger Report can be downloaded in ‘PDF’ format for four duration’s:

  • This Month

  • This Quarter

  • This Year

  • Custom Range



At the end of a billing cycle or at the time you purchase infra credits then E2E Networks issues your invoice as a PDF file. All the generated invoices for your account available under the ‘Invoices’ report and you can download the PDF invoice on click the download button. The ‘status’ of each individual invoice is shown. The table below gives the meaning of each “status” value:


Status Name



Unsigned Invoice

The issued invoice is not digitally signed. Invoices are signed within 1 business day.



Invoice is issued to the customer and payment is to be done.



Payment is made by the customer and the invoice is settled.


Partially Paid

Payment is made partially and the invoice is not fully settled.



Invoice is not paid and the due date has already passed.


It may take up to 3 hours to get updated status of an invoice after an online payment is done.

To download the invoice you require, choose the Invoice and click on the ‘Download’ link in ‘PDF’ format.

Sample screenshot for postpaid:


Sample screenshot for prepaid:


Credit Notes:

The credit notes report shall have details of credit note(s) issued by E2E Networks to you. To download the credit note you require, choose and click on the ‘Download’ link.

Sample screen snapshot for postpaid customers:


Infra - Credit Details:

This tab will be shown only for customer who has purchased Infra-credits from E2E Networks. This section shall show debit and credit transactions done using infra credits as per the usage of services and products in your account. You can also see a summary of ‘infra credits used’ and ‘infra credits available’ in your account.

Reference screen snapshot:


Usage Details:

The ‘Usage Details’ report provides information about your usage of E2E Networks’s products and services and infra credits used for the respective product and service usage. This report will be available to you if using a prepaid billing system.

Reference screen snapshot for Postpaid:


You can filter the usage report data, and also download usage detail reports either in ‘Excel’ or ‘PDF’ by clicking on the icon.

Reference screen snapshot for Prepaid:


TDS Details:

The statement of infra credits that are on hold would be available under the TDS details statement report, only if TDS deduction service opted by you and using a prepaid billing system.

Sample screen snapshot:


Cost Analysis:

Cost Analysis allows you to visualize your cost and usage, analyze your cost drivers and usage trends, and set up notifications.

Sample screen snapshot for Prepaid:


Sample screen snapshot for Postpaid:


Itemised Usage Details:

Itemised usage details allows you to visualize item, quantity and amount as per uses.

Reference screen snapshot:


Monthly Usage Details:

Monthly usage details allows you to visualize item, quantity, Reigon, Rate and amount as per uses.


Recent Transactions:

Recent Transactions details allows you to visualize Recent transactions.