E2E Networks Domestic Customer Validation Process FAQs

Why is customer validation required for customers?

Due to the new CERT-In directives, all Data Centres, Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers, Cloud Service providers are required to maintain validated name, address and other relevant details for their subscribers. Therefore, in order to meet regulatory requirements, we are required to validate these details.

Can we delegate someone in the team/organization to perform customer validation?

Yes, the Primary/Admin user can nominate any user in the CRN to perform customer validation.

Are users allowed to change the aadhaar number once linked ?

No, users are not allowed to change aadhaar number once linked. The user can only delink the aadhaar by revoking their nomination.

Do all users in the CRN need to complete customer validation?

Minimum one user in the CRN needs to complete customer validation. All users do not need to complete customer validation.

What happens if the user is no longer associated with the organisation for which he validated the details?

The users will be able to revoke their nomination for the CRN, provided there is atleast one validated user in the CRN. You may need to coordinate with admin/primary users to add another user who completes validation first, and thereafter you will be able to revoke your nomination.