E2E Networks Cloud Platform Support

E2E Networks Provide Cloud Platform Support 24/7. We provide platform support on the following

  • High priority resolution of Network Related Issues

  • Resolution of any issues related to E2E Products and Services.

Apart from this, we offer a number of help articles that you can refer for troubleshooting applications and configurations related to your Servers which are generally out of network or product Scope. We also assist you in providing general troubleshooting steps for any network and performance issues on your Servers.

How you can connect to Cloud Platform Team?

  • Via e-mail

    You can connect with us over e-mail at cloud-platform@e2enetworks.com, A New ticket will be generated with a unique Ticket ID which can be used for Further Follow-ups. Alternatively, You can also raise a ticket from Myaccount panel.

  • Via Call

    Once the ticket is raised, for high priority issue and quick resolutions, you can reach out to us over the call at cloud platform No:+91-11-4117-1818

Scope Of Cloud Platform Support

E2E Cloud Platform Support covers Issues Related to E2E Products and Services Only.

  • Issue related to physical operation of your E2E Compute nodes

  • Ensuring availability of network and acceptable latency

  • Issue related to billing

  • “How to” questions related to E2E Services and Features

  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with E2E resources

  • Technical Assistance with E2E Products such as Object Storage,CDN and Load Balancer etc..

E2E Cloud Platform Support Exclusions.

By default, all our nodes are on self-service basis only. We don’t provide any hands to keyboard services for our cloud. Any support we offer is for our cloud platform outside of the Virtual Machines but never inside them.

  • We don’t Provide Hands-on Support regarding the installation or configuration of application software

  • Debugging Application or Performance Related issue on Your Nodes

  • Code Development or Any kind of Application Tuning