e2e_image (Resource)

Provides an e2e imageresource. This resource allows you to manage nodes on your e2e clusters. When applied, a new image is created. When destroyed, this image is removed.

Note :- To create image of a node, node should be in powered off state.

Example Usage

resource "e2e_image" "image1" {
         name     = "demo_image"
     node_id  =  e2e_node.node1.id

The above code will create a image of the above configuration when you run command terraform apply. you can reference id of the node of which image is to be created using :- e2e_node.node1.id node1 is the resource name and id is the resource id.


Argument Reference

these fields are used as an arguments to launch the nodes. The Required fields are mandatory. These fields are not to be changed once node is created.

  • node_id (Required) (String) : Id of the node to create the image

  • name (Required) (String) : Remote name of the resource

Attribute Reference (Read Only)

These fields are not to be specified in terraform configuration file. They are only meant for reading.

  • template_id (String) : Template id of the image. Used when you want to create node using this image.

  • image_state (String) : Current state of the image.

  • os_distribution (String) : OS distribution

  • image_type (String) : Type of the image

  • distro (String) : Distro type

  • creation_time (String) : Creations time of the image