Provisioning and Deprovisioning Process


Services Provisioned Via Self-Service Portal

The Customer may take advantage of Services through the self- Service portal via its Customer Account accessible through the link

Services Provisioned Manually

Manual “provisioning” of Services is done as per the following process:-

  • E2E team would share an estimate showing estimated charges with the Customer for each of the service(s) to be manually provisioned. The Customer would be requested to make the advance payment for a month for getting the services provisioned. Unless specified otherwise, the price quote in the estimate is valid only till 30 days from the date of estimate.

  • After receiving the advance payment, E2E team will provision the requested service(s) and send the Customer provisioning email (“Provisioning Email”) mentioning the details of service(s) provisioned. The billing for the service(s) shall commence from the effective date of provisioning mentioned in the Provisioning Email.

  • Billing of services provisioned manually, is done monthly on a prepaid basis.


For any deprovisioning of Services, the Customer has to follow the below process:-

Services availed through Self Service Portal

The Services availed via the self-service portal accessible at can be de-provisioned by the customer on making a request through the self-service portal.

Services Provisioned Manually

  • Where Services have been provisioned manually by our team on Customer request, the Customer shall have to explicitly file a request for de-provisioning of the Services by sending an email to us at, specifying explicitly the date of de-provisioning. Such requests shall be treated as valid only if sent through the authorized technical contact and the email requesting de-provisioning shall have to be unconditional.

  • On receiving your request for de-provisioning of manual Service(s), our team would send, an estimate containing the description of Service(s) desired by you to be de-provisioned, thereafter our team will de-provision that/ those Service(s) and send you a de-provisioning mail (“De-provisioning Email”). We will cease billing for that/ those service(s) from the effective de- provisioning date mentioned in the De-Provisioning Email.

  • The effective date of de-provisioning is usually the deprovisioning date mentioned in the De-provisioning Email unless the service had a commitment period, in which case, the effective date would be the last date of such commitment period.

  • In case we inadvertently misses accounting for a De-provisioning Email and we have billed you for the de-provisioned services, we shall rectify the error by issuing a credit note or infra credits, on receipt of an email to that effect from the customer on For further details, please refer to our Refund Policy available at link


  • All Services shall be presumed to be in an active state and shall be billed unless de-provisioned. All Customer Data on such servers will be permanently deleted on de-provisioning. No Customer Data shall be available for any machine post de-provisioning. All additional data/services related to that machine such as backups, if any, or monitoring, would also be de-provisioned and permanently deleted.

  • Licences (if any) are charged for a full calendar month even if they have been used by the customer for a single day in such calendar month.

  • The committed nodes are launched for a specific committed period and for a fixed price and the customer shall not be eligible for a refund of the amount paid for the same. Additionally, the Customer will not be eligible for a refund of the minimum billing amounts charged in each billing cycle.