How does the AutoPay payment method work?

About AutoPay Method


In accordance with RBI guidelines on the processing of recurring payments, existing standing instructions received for Autopay, shall not work post-September 30, 2021 and accordingly we will de-activate these existing instructions for auto pay on September 30, 2021 end of the day. Our payment gateway partner has been able to make live, a few bank cards for the processing of recurring payments so far, in accordance with these new guidelines. So, post-October 1, 2021, Customers may add the cards which have been made live by our payment gateway partner. As of now, the following cards are live-



Debit Card

Credit Card





Equitas Small Finance Bank



City Union Bank






Karur Vysya Bank

The AutoPay method allows you to set up standing instructions on your Credit/Debit card to allow E2E Networks Ltd to automatically charge your provided card for payments. This ensures uninterrupted service by eliminating the risk of suspension due to delayed payments. This also saves you the hassle of regular tracking and making periodic payments on the MyAccount portal.

For postpaid customers, soon after a new invoice is generated, it is settled based on the standing instructions of AutoPay. All unpaid invoices at that time are settled in one go.

For prepaid customers, you are never short of infra credits and you need not log in to MyAccount every time to purchase infra credits.

Credit/Debit card

You need to provide the card details on which you wish to set up the standing instruction, you will be required to complete a ₹ 1 refundable authorization payment to verify the credit or debit card. This direct debit instruction allows us to collect payments automatically from your credit/debit card.

You can add multiple cards and make at least one of them as a primary. Only in the event of transaction failure on the primary card, another secondary card/bank e-mandate will be used.

VISA and Mastercard credit cards from all banks are supported. VISA and Mastercard debit cards from ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, Citibank, and Canara Bank are supported.

Your card details are not saved by E2E Networks Ltd.

Setting up AutoPay

You can follow the below steps to set up AutoPay for your MyAccount.