I need to close the account, what should I do?

1). Login to myaccount portal with the registered email address - https://myaccount.e2enetworks.com/

2). Click on Products → Computes which is in the left panel in myaccount.


3). Select the nodes and click on Actions which are marked in red colour. Click the Delete Node option and confirm to delete it.

4). Similarly if you have multiple nodes, select each node carefully and delete the nodes as per step:3

5). Correspondingly if you are using any other services like Load Balancer, Saved images, Reserved IP, VPC, EBS, EOS, DBaaS, CDP backups. Delete all the services by going to the respective section in myaccount portal.

6). Please ensure to take adequate back-up of your data before deprovisioning of services, as all of the Customer Data on servers including backups, if any, will be permanently deleted on deprovisioning and will no longer be available.

7). Please note all Services shall be presumed to be in an active state and shall be billed unless de-provisioned and deleted at your end. Further, you will be required to pay the amount for services till the date of de-provisioning.