GPU Cloud Computing


A cost-effective way to run high-performance computations

Level up your cloud servers with GPU accelerators. Graphical processing units are mostly used for deep machine learning, architectural visualization, video processing, and scientific computing.

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We provide servers that are specifically designed for machine learning and deep learning purposes, and are equipped with following distinctive features:

  • Modern hardware based on the NVIDIA GPU chipset, which has a high operation speed.

  • The newest Tesla V100 & T4 cards with their high processing power.

  • Bundled with CUDA technology


Parallel computing architecture designed by NVIDIA. The implementation of this architecture allowed to significantly increase the performance of GPU computing.

Advantages of CUDA:

  • Using the common programming language C

  • Applying technologies such as Parallel Data Cache and Thread Execution Manager

  • Default libraries for FFT and BLAS

  • Unification of hardware and software parts for GPU computing

  • Multi-GPU Support

  • Hardware Debugging

  • Excellent scalability to different projects

  • Special CUDA driver

All our GPU plans support are NVIDIA® CUDA-capable and cuDNN with the latest version.

  • Pre-installed with Nvidia-Docker2

  • Includes NVIDIA® GPU Cloud (NGC) Catalog CLI is a command-line interface for managing content within the NGC Registry

  • Includes development tools based on the programming languages ​​Python 2, Python 3 and C ++.

You can choose OS flavors like Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 18.04,Centos 7 or Windows 2016 with NVIDIA TESLA V100 and T4 GPU Servers.