Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs On Cloud

The advent of AI and ML have shaken up the whole technological space by virtue of the potential they hold for each and every industry. According to a report by MIT Sloan Management Review, as many as half of the industry giants with over a hundred thousand employees already had an AI Strategy in place by 2018 while the other half were soon expected to have one.

When NVIDIA launched its most powerful GPU, Tesla V100 Tensor Core, the substantial acceleration of AI, high-performance computing, data science, and graphics became unstoppable. Powered with the performance of as many as 100 CPUs, a single Tesla V100 GPU can largely crop out the time that data scientists, researchers, and engineers spend on optimizing memory usage, which would render them additional time to work on the next revolution in the field of AI, Machine Learning and more.

Why Use a Tesla V100 GPU?

When it comes to GPU accelerated computing, there is no match to NVIDIA Tesla, and it boasts of its reputation as it powers some of the largest datacenters across the world by delivering high throughput at comparably lower costs.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you must consider Tesla V100 GPU:

  • Catalyze AI Training

The hype about AI is higher than it ever was. Companies are doing all that is needed to source their data scientists to take up new challenges and create better, more powerful, and reliable solutions, be it speech recognition, training virtual personal assistants, or teaching autonomous cars to drive. Training deep learning models for such use cases is a complex task and requires a tremendous amount of time. Each Tesla V100 GPU comes with 640 Tensor Cores, and with the use of NVIDIA NVLink, these GPUs can be interconnected to render a computing server that holds the power to accelerate up to 300 GB/s. This can pave your path to reducing the training time for AI models from weeks to just a few days.

  • 47x Higher AI Inference

With the increasing user demand to connect them to relevant information, services, and products, companies are facing a challenging situation. Even the world’s largest hyperscale company feels the need to double its datacenter capacity in order to smoothly allow each of its users to spend just three minutes each day to use their speech recognition services. Tesla V100 is the answer to all such shortcomings that companies are faced with today. It delivers 47 times higher inference performance as compared to a CPU server. This is a much-required leap that the datacenters and the AI industry had been needing to put up with the increasing demand.

  • High-Performance Computing

The world needs high-performance computing today more than it ever did. These computing systems have a wide variety of use-cases, from weather forecasting to discovering drugs to searching for new energy sources. With the confluence of AI and HPC, Tesla V100 can facilitate the expeditious analysis of large pools of data and help render quick insights.

Tesla V100 GPUs On E2E Cloud

Now that you’ve already started to think of ways how you could utilize Tesla V100 GPUs, why not go with the best-suited cloud-based GPUs to maximize the performance and minimize the total cost of ownership?

Here’s why you should consider using E2E Networks’ Tesla V100 GPU Cloud:

  • All the GPU servers of E2E networks run in Indian datacenters, hence reducing latency.

  • Powerful hardware deployed along with cutting-edge engineering that renders increased reliability.

  • Uptime SLAs so that you worry less and do more

  • Inexpensive pricing plans designed according to the needs of customers.

These features not only make E2E GPU Cloud services stand out from others in the market but it also helps you to stay ahead of your competition by outperforming them.

Make the Most From Tesla V100 GPUs on Cloud

E2E Networks is the affordable cloud for companies looking to boost their AI game to the next level. Just when you needed it the most, E2E Networks is here to empower your company with the massive performance of Tesla V100 GPUs.

Take the giant leap in throughput and efficiency, and give the supercomputing powers to your AI/ML workloads with GPUs on E2E Cloud.

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