Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If a public IP is assigned to a server inside a VPC, HTTP service is accessible over the internet on this machine. Since it is inside a VPC, shouldn’t it be protected by firewall?

The VPC feature provides a VLAN tagged isolated private network and not a firewall service which blocks ports. The OS firewall (If a dedicated firewall is not added) is to be configured here to block or allow the ports and concerned service listening on these ports according to your requirement.

VPC integration with other services and appliances

Currently the VPC feature is extended to compute node and not to the services and appliances like LB, DBaaS etc.

The VPC integration will be extended to all such services and appliances soon in our future release cycle.

Load balancer is not able to reach a server inside a VPC using private IP. Also, there is no way to create a load balancer inside the VPC.

Currently the VPC integration with LB is not present and will be a part of our future release.