2FA and Why is it mandatory to use?

The heftiest risk in operating any online service is the password. Selecting an optimal password which is a combination of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters and creating a password of a certain minimum length is important to have secure passwords.

However, with the evolution of computing powers and modern and sophisticated attacks, good passwords are sometimes not enough. To counter such security issues, you need additional measures on the top of passwords post which securing your account in any online service is comparatively easier.

The widely used security measure is Two-Factor Authentication abbreviating as 2FA

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is a security exercise where users are provided two different authentication factors to authenticate/verify themselves to service. The first factor is a username and password in most services.

There is an inherent security risk associated with passwords as they are prone to be brute-forced, phished, or in cases of compromised websites, you are vulnerable to being hacked as users typically use the same password at multiple sites.

2FA provides a supplemental factor of authentication which can be a PIN or passcodes on mobile devices. The usage of passwords and PINs can be used to guarantee secure access as typically mobile devices are always in person.

E2E Networks supports 2FA authentication using a passcode that is sent to mobile.

You can refer to the below-mentioned steps to enable 2F for your MyAccount Login

Step 1. Login to MyAccount and go to Settings >> Security


Step 2. Navigate to 2-Factor Authentication and follow instructions to enable 2F Security

../../_images/2f2.png ../../_images/2f3.png

Step 3. After enable 2F security for your MyAccount Login, you need to click on Generate Backup Code and save the same in your secure place for future assistance, in case of delay to receive OTP or etc.


Step 4. After enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA), you can logout and login your MyAccount login to verify