Bucket Details

In Bucket details the all details of bucket will show.


In Objects the list of object will be show. And customers can upload object from here and perform Actions on that.

../../_images/Objectstorage19.png ../../_images/Objectstorage20.png ../../_images/Objectstorage21.png ../../_images/Objectstorage22.png ../../_images/Objectstorage23.png ../../_images/Objectstorage24.png


In permissions tab the permission details will show and customers can apply permission on the bucket using access key and perform actions on that.

Bucket Lifecycle

In this section the lifecycle rule will be show whatever you have created and you can also create and perform action on this.

../../_images/Objectstorage35.png ../../_images/Objectstorage9.png

Bucket Details

In this section the details of bucket will be show.


Bucket Permissions

If you intend to use CLI or API for accessing your data on EOS then you will need to define bucket permissions.

  1. Go to Products > Storage Storage option in the sidebar menu

  2. Choose any bucket or create a new one.

  3. Click the permission tab, it will be opened for the selected bucket.

  4. Click the Create access key button.

  5. Enter a name for your access key. This can be an application name, project name or a team member name.

  6. Choose an access key or Create access key.

  7. Assign a role:

    bucket admin

    can read, write, manage

    bucket writer

    can read, write

    bucket reader

    can read

  8. Save the permission.