Scalable File System Backup

SFS Backups allows you to store files and folders. Additionally, you can easily revert to a previous backup recovery point whenever needed.

How to Create SFS Backups

To create a SFS backup click on Activate button


You can also activate backup by clicking action button Activate backup


One can also activate backup by going to the tab Backup and clicking on click here to activate backup


After choosing any of the above three options a pop up will come click on activate button to activate the backup


After activating the backup the backup state will go in first run pending



In the details tab you will be able to see the details like backup schedule, last recovery point and size of the backup etc.


Backup Restore

Under the Backup restore tab all the recovery points will be shown.


When the user will take backup recovery points will be created and they will be shown like this


Now click on the actions button and click on browse


Now choose the file and folder which you want to restore and click on the button Restore Selected


Now choose the location where you want to restore your file and click on Restore button


You can also lock the backup by clicking on Lock button


Clicking on the Lock button will trigger a popup to appear, allowing you to lock the recovery point.


Backup History

By navigating to the Backup History tab, you will have access to the complete record of backup events.


Backup Restore History

Under the Backup Restore History tab it shows the details of the logs or record of past restoration activities performed on backup data.